Falling in Love Poem

I Would Like To Meet You Here

Thanks to a note, two shy people are brought together...

I Would Like To Meet You Here....

© Aaron Rodriguez
That's what the note said,
"Please meet me here."
I wonder who will come,
Or even if she's near?

I arrive at the spot,
on a hill, by a tree.
I wonder who will come,
probably someone who likes me?

At last she comes,
my eyes pleasantly confirmed.
The one I had a crush on,
The conclusions I jumped to affirmed.

She sits next to me,
and shyly says "Hi."
I reply back, sounding just as shy.

As we watch the sun set,
She now in my arms,
I know now that she's mine,
with all her love and charms.


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Published: Mar 2011
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