Heartbreak Poem

I have always loved one person. Though he doesn't feel the same anymore. We used to be in a relationship... He always avoids me, making my loneliness worse. Sometimes I've felt like suicide but I know that things happen for a reason and that there is always something positive from a negative. Though this poem is true, I would die for him. Just because he doesn't love me, doesn't mean I can't still love him. Enjoy my poem :')

I Would Die For You

© Georgie Rose
Every day I think of you,
But it's just a matter of time,
I can't keep going through life like this,
You will never be mine.

I will forever love you,
Though you don't feel the same,
You can't help who you fall in love with,
It's not a pick and choose game,

If I could tell you one final thing,
I wouldn't know what to say...
I have so many things to talk about,
But my life has just decayed.

I would tell you that I loved you,
Not that you would care,
So I would kiss your cheek and walk away,
And that would be my dare.

I can't keep going on like this,
My pain is just too much,
I would curl up in the corner,
Unmoving. Losing my sense of touch.

I'd let depression pull me under,
Like the sea with tidal waves,
Or hurt myself dramatically,
And join some other slaves.

I will do anything you ask of me,
Even apply a shining blade,
Let the crimson blood ooze down my neck,
My life isn't worth the save.

I would die for you my lover,
But only when you know,
I've never stopped loving you,
Since all those years ago...


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Published: Apr 2012
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1 Stories on "I Would Die For You"
  1. Bliss, Oklahoma Submitted on Saturday, October 06, 2012

    I loved this guy, who is my best friend and everything. I still love him but he don't love me...not the way I do him. He's helped me through suicide and a lot of hurtful memories but he doesn't understand...I don't know if he ever will. While reading this I cried, for my heart ached for him, then my boyfriend messaged me and it only hurt worse. Your poem is great! Truely touching...Thanks, for it made me feel as if someone understood me. And though it hurt to read, I guess that was the best part of it...because you simply wrote what I screamed in my head. So thanks....*smiles*

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