Falling in Love Poem

This is about me wanting to see a guy but instead I just look at him across the quad.

I Watch Him From Afar

© Miranda S
I watch him from afar
At lunch we walk, separated by a bar
You don't know how much my eyes follow you
I know you can't tell but what I say is true

I want to tell you everything
But in the end I tell you nothing
I always try to talk to you
Even if it's something simple like the sky is blue

My eyes follow you everywhere
I just look for the flow of your hair
I look for that way you walk
and the way you move when you talk

I try to walk by
and possibly get to say hi
It's almost like a game of tag
But you always seem to lag

I wonder if you watch me too
I've seen you look when I do
But neither of us look away
Till we're called a different way

But I always go back
It's how I separate myself from the pack


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Published: Oct 2009
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1 Stories on "I Watch Him From Afar"
  1. Priscilla Submitted on Monday, November 02, 2009

    I know the feeling. There is a guy that I do that same too. Well did in high school. He's a family friend so I still see him almost every Saturday. It's hard and I still don't have to courage to really talk to him.

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