Bullying Poem

Poem About The Victim of a Bully

This is about a victim of a bully

I Stand Alone

© Cassidy Marshall
(The victim of a bully)

I stand alone there is no one to wipe my tears no one to understand the pain and the suffering I go through every day.
I fake a smile but it is just a mask, under it my heart is burning my will to live is slowly fading and soon my spirit will die.
But no one will miss me will even notice I'm gone.
When my time finely comes to leave this hell on earth I won't resent those who hurt me!
I will leave in peace and I will finally be free, free of this night mare that is my life because I know that life is the real battle and DYING will be the easy part!


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Published: Mar 2011
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1 Stories on "I Stand Alone"
  1. Danny Hatcher, Jackson, Ms. Submitted on Saturday, May 19, 2012

    I know that poem by experience. I am 56 and all my life I have lived alone even with others around. I found myself, I found my creator- I found that man will disappoint you. Yes I have eternity and that is something I look forward to but there is something that I must do here. My mother who died at 90 told me this world is a dressing room for eternity. Her life was a solitary life and it was like a beautiful rose. Even when the world spit on her she had a song, a countenance of inner peace. She gave it all for my father and in the last years it was like a masterpiece artwork. Your poem is a challenge to me- as school security I try to give dignity to those that are abused and stop the bullying in its tracks. I care- I may never meet you but that which I do here where I am. Somehow the law of reciprocity will bring some goodness your way. You are not alone, the cruelty of mankind will break one day. I pray for strength and as God taught me to use humor as an escape tool he always makes a way for escape in every situation.

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