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I didn't want to tell him this so I will tell you. I miss you Daddy.

I Miss You Daddy

© Anonymous Person
how can you go again?
you've been here only 2 days
I didn't know who you were till 3
for business was always first
your away here one month then there the next
all the birthdays you've missed
do you even know how old I am?
you always say not to fret
for its only for a while.
but then that fateful night
when you were gone
someone tried to sneak in
but you weren't there to stop them
doggy had to be brave
and bark the intruder away
you weren't there when mommy was scared
or to hold me tight when I was awake wondering
will they come back?
you were never there when I had nightmares
and mommy was too tired to come to me
so I lay there and cry
then look up at the sky
and wish upon a star
Daddy please come home
because I miss you.


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Published: Apr 2009
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