Missing You Poem

I Miss How We Used To Be

I am 13 years old. I wrote this poem because I had this amazing friend, we were more like sisters. I have known her all my life but something happened and we weren't aloud to be friends anymore, we keep in contact through msn and bebo because we cant stop being friends just like that, I wrote this poem for people like me who have lost there best friend and want them to know how they feel and I also want to be a famous poet when I am older.

I Miss You

© Leah Wilcott
I miss how we used to be,
I miss us, you and me.
the days out and nights in just want you to know in my heart is were I keep you friend.
you were there for me when I was scared,
I was there for you,
think about all the memories we have shared.
When you smiled, I smiled,
when you cried I cried.
Now our friendship we have to hide.
when I saw you, you brightened up my day,
you brought a smile to my face.
I want us to carry on being friends,
me and you friends to the end.


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Published: Oct 2010
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