Love Poem

I Know I Love You

I once fell in love with a great guy. He was not only my boyfriend, he was my best friend. Then he changed and we broke up. Since we go to school together I haven't had the chance to get over him. He is trying very hard to be my friend. One day as we talked I fell into a daze while looking in his eyes. When he snapped me out of it; I had the sudden urge to write and this is what I wrote.

This Is How I Know I Love You

© Jenay Meullion
Your loving eyes
sometimes search the skies
and heavens above for your true love
knowing that deep within
the longing you try to hide
will soon confide
in the one that will make you compromise
with the stars above
just to look into their eyes
and feel the blissfulness of soaring through the air
without one single care and being positive that they'll always be there
waiting for you
to share the love they see in your eyes
has always been the prize
and intended for them to win


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Published: Apr 2008
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