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I am a fifteen year old girl and all I really want is to become a successful writer. I know that in order to reach this goal, I've got to start now. So I wrote this poem to explain how much I want to be a writer and how much I'll put up with to get there. This is a dream I want, and I'm willing to work until I get it. I will often times sit on my bed and write short stories or poems, hoping that it will improve my way of writing to a successful level. I'll keep working to get to my dream!! =)

I Follow My Dreams

© Delilah
I get laughed at,
I get ignored,
I often feel trapped,
and keep my thoughts stored.
People can be cruel and very mean,
but no matter what,
I follow my dreams

Life has waves,
I know that.
But I stand brave,
and just take the crap.
I may feel exhausted and totally creamed,
but no matter what,
I follow my dreams.

I know what I want,
and I won't stop trying.
Quitting? I can't,
for now I'm flying.
It's impossible, it seems,
but no matter what,
I follow my dreams...


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Published: Jul 2011
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1 Stories on "I Follow My Dreams"
  1. James Carter, South Carolina Submitted on Friday, January 25, 2013

    When I was in middle school nobody would listen to me they would just ignored me. It felt like I was talking to myself, it felt like I was in a room all by myself.
    People always laughed at me for no reasons just because I'm not smart like everybody else or the way I dress the way I talk or the way I do something. I'm tried of people laughing at me. I feel like I'm invisible and people just walk straight through me...


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