Missing You Poem

My Best Friend And The Boy I Love

I had a boyfriend, till he fell in love with my so called "best friend" who only dated him for 2 reasons: 1. She was jealous of me 2. She is such a little bitch Ever since, me and him have been best friends. Then she hurt him, again and again. I believe if he could just see the light then he would never have to hurt again

I Could Be His Cure

© Alyssa Carwile
I miss him,
And nobody knows.
Not even he,
That's just how it goes

A girl like her,
With a guy like him
It's so bad,
It should be a sin.

She doesn't deserve him,
If only he could see.
He needs someone worthy,
That someone is me.

I may not be perfect,
As you can see.
But at least I'm not her,
At least I'm not plain mean.

I can't have him,
For he belongs to her.
We say she's not worthy,
But he thinks he's sure.

I'm sure she hurts him,
More than it seems.
More sure than the tears,
That run down in streams.

He loved her,
Then she was gone.
He felt more pain,
Than the damage he had done.

And as he wrote his poems in red,
I was sitting in bed.

The very next day,
He showed me his cuts.
The price he had to pay,
In his world full of "ifs", "ands", and "buts"

He is doing fine,
Maybe even great.
But she made her way back to the line,
And he thinks it's fate.

But one thing is always for sure,
If your willing to listen.
I could be his cure,
His shiny star that glistens.


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Published: Feb 2012
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