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Poem About Being Different

People are faced with the fact that they are different and other people don't realize that it's a great thing. So in this poem I'm saying that people should be happy that they are different and they should use the different things in the way that makes them happy.

I Am Different

We may have the same eye's
but I use mine differently

We may have the same heart
but I use mine differently

I'm Different cause I do things differently
I'm different cause I wear things differently

I may stand out differently in many ways
but I love it
and I love begin different

I Am Different


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Published: Aug 2011
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1 Stories on "I Am Different"
  1. Lia, UK Submitted on Tuesday, April 09, 2013

    You don't know me. just for example you think I'm upstairs in my room doing my homework , wrong.. I'm not doing my homework and even if I were in my room I still wouldn't be doing my homework so you would still be wrong.

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