Betrayed Friend Poem

Hurt By Best Friend Poem

I wrote this poem when my best friend betrayed me a year ago. It's the worst pain I've ever felt, cause I really loved her.

The Universes Of Hurt

© Marthe
I gave you happiness
You accepted it
I offered you care
You embraced it
I gave you love
You accepted it
I gave you a lot
But you took everything

I asked for happiness
You hurt me
I asked for care
You ignored me
I asked for love
You pushed me away
I asked for a little
But you kept it all

I gave you the possibility
To hurt me deeply
When I loved you
You took an advantage of that

You're not dead
In this real
Cruel world

But in my heart
You no longer exist
There is just
A hole
As deep and powerful
As our friendship
Once was

Once upon a time
Up there
With the universes
The universe
Of all the things
I'd like to forget


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Published: Nov 2011
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1 Stories on "The Universes Of Hurt"
  1. Jessica, Tx Submitted on Sunday, November 04, 2012

    Exactly what has happened to me. He accepted me but never gave anything back in return. I think of him everyday but, he has always has been thinking about my other friend. I hadn't known and he knows I'm a fool for him. I have been crying and I might not go to school cause I am sick to my stomach about it!;(

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