I'm Sorry Poem

A boyfriend writes about the mistakes he made.

How Unfortunate You

© Nahyan Shariff
I broke your heart,
Once too many times.
Made out with girls,
Though I never meant it,
You hate me for it,
But I'm not blaming you for it.
Said I love you,
But never showed that I cared.
But I swear,
I'm lost thinking of what I did to you.
Hard to believe,
But its true.
You say you hate me,
But I dammit love you.


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Published: Aug 2009
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1 Stories on "How Unfortunate You"
  1. Matt Long, Hobbs NM Submitted on Thursday, April 07, 2011

    Dude this is just like me. I feel so sorry but I know she will never love me again for what I did and now she's dating a pot head. I guess this shows what your actions can do to other people but now I'm over her a little. I still want to be friends but she tells me she hates me and never wants to talk to me again, so I let it be and I just leave her alone. We broke up like 2 weeks ago and we dated for a year and three months. I will never treat another human being like that again. I try to txt her every now and then and say I'm sorry I know you hate me but will you forgive me and you can still hate me if you want and she always tells me she will never forgive me so I'm done trying to feel bad for what I did. Even though it's really hard cause I can't get what I have done to her out of my mind and it will probably never leave either I just thought I should share that

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