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© Nikii
Growing up.
The next four years start here.
Take a deep breath as you walk through the doors.
Hear the feet pounding the floors.

Eyes are watching, everywhere.
Look at the seniors, we wouldn't dare.
Talk to old friends, the pressure ends there.

Decisions and choices, always in the way.
Affecting your future, day by day.
New things to learn, always a delay.

Stressful schoolwork. and pressure to try.
They say always give 110% but you just ask why?
Overwhelming, bored.. you just want to cry.

Sports, pressuring you to do your best.
But you know you will never be as good as the rest.
Everything here is always a test.

They say these years will be the best years of our lives,
but others may think it's just another few years of throwing knives.

So hold onto the memories already made,
because soon it will all fade.


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Published: Nov 2012
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2 Stories on "Highschool"
  1. Cindy Salinas, Whittier CA Submitted on Monday, January 13, 2014

    This poem made me realize that I don't need a guy in my life to make me happy, all I need is my friends. Friends are so important to us because they help you with things that you don't see coming your way.

  2. Riné Koen, South Africa Submitted on Thursday, March 13, 2014

    The beeping of my alarm clock sounded like a countdown to my first day of High School which was only two exciting hours away.
    I developed mixed emotions as I started to think about the chain of events for a grade eight student : Orientation,"Mudpool","sottekonsert" and the blazer ceremony.
    During orientation the grade eights had to wear their clothes inside out and dress like babies, fishermen and clowns. At the "Sottesokkie" the grade eights had to dress like old age people. After the mudpool I was very excited for the upcoming blazer ceremony. Unfortunately the blazer ceremony was being postponed because of unacceptable behavior of certain students in our class. It felt unfair against the children-including me, who behave themselves. Although, me and my friends said that the blazer ceremony was being postponed because of the blazers that did not arrive from the provider.
    After these events everything turned back to normal and I decided to not participate in sport in order to give my full attention to my schoolwork and to receive good academic points. Gradually as time passed by I fell into the new routine of High School and got to know the teachers better.
    I did not think that I would ever say this, but : I don not miss the Primary School anymore. The first term of High School was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
    I love being a Hennie.

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