Moving On Love Poem

This poem is about a couple (boy and girl) who was deep in love and couldn't live without each other but things changed. They ended up breaking up and never got back together. The lady was very sad about the breakup and was drowning in the memories of what use to be and he was just watching her hurt and moving on to the next female. She began to get over him finally and started to get back on her feet. While she was doing her thing he started to want her back but she wasn't having it.


© Rakiyyah Jeter
In my mind it replays
In my heart it lays
In my soul it stays
so I just sit and reminisce on the good days
those days when me and you were together
for what I thought was gone be forever
but forever turned to never
Now look at us
I remember the times when you were mines
those nights you would stay
and we would lay from night til' day
the wild make-ups after the break-ups
that never seemed to last for more then one day
but now look at us
when you come around my smiles are upside down
my world has shattered for my love was murdered
my nights ran cold
my days grew old
but look at me now
my mind back right
my heart ignites
my soul don't cry
I have erased those days out my mind
but look at you now
it's my name you holla when you need the almighty dolla
and it's me you missing now that I'm dishing all that shit you was pissing
now I'm over you and my heart healed times two...
It's me you lose


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Published: Feb 2011
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2 Stories on "Healed"
  1. Anne Submitted on Friday, October 21, 2011

    This poem is PERFECT, the description above, is exactly about me, EXACTLY. Very nicely expressed.

  2. Insouciant Submitted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013

    I didn't really like the end. The language...uh...not to my liking. Kind of soils the perfect flow, you know?

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