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He Says I Love You Poem

I had a bad day and had to write it out and it is dedicated to my dad because he says a lot of things that I think are lies but know they're not.

Dear Me

How can you lie to yourself?
Each time you say you don't
Need his trust you've never
Had it before why do you
Need it now?

You think he's lying every time
He says I love you.
Is it because he says it so much?
That you don't believe him?
Or for another reason?

A reason unknown to you and the
People around you? A reason to yet
Be discovered or kept away for all eternity?

You wish you could just leave this world
With at least one good thing for everyone to
Remember you by, but that seems impossible
By now… doesn't it?

The Loneliness Inside.


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Published: Nov 2008
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3 Stories on "Dear Me"
  1. Judey Submitted on Friday, December 11, 2009

    That's how I feel about my dad two but I wish he'd say I LOVE YOU to me because I really think he hates me
    Thanks for sharing this poem with us :)

  2. Nelson M, Nyc Submitted on Sunday, January 15, 2012

    thank you for sharing this, I'm going through this same predicament. It's nice too know that I'm the not only one that feels this way.

  3. Kaitlinrose, Louisiana Submitted on Tuesday, December 18, 2012

    I have a somewhat similar problem with my dad. But instead of good things, he says bad things. For instance, I love to sing and people compliment my singing, when he hears me, he tells me its terrible... When I draw, he barely compliments it, another thing he thinks is terrible. If he tells me to do something, I will do it but soon after I'm fussed from him saying "I should've done it myself. You messed up." When he tells me to do something I usually say "No, you will do it much better." then I get slapped :/ I never hear he loves me. Only that he loves my brother and sister. If I ever hear a compliment from him, I usually get so happy I cry because it's so rare. But inside I'm scared it may be a lie.

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