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I'm a girl 15 I'm probably more depressed than I should be. I have trust issues I don't like socializing People scare me I'm mainly doing this to get out my frustration with life and to say things I can't say to the people I wish I could talk to. I'm not that great a writer but I try. :)


© J. Nichols
Sometimes I wonder if you forgot me on purpose
I tell myself it's an accident
I know that's a lie...
Maybe all the things I did were for nothing
Maybe all I did was forgotten
I'm probably not good enough for you
I'm sorry if you think I don't miss you
Everyday I think about you
Everyday I sink a little deeper
Wishing I could have gone with you
Wishing you could have stayed
Everyday I wish I could help you more
Everyday I wish I wasn't forgotten
I'm probably bothering you every time that I say hello
I'm probably not even the person you miss
Maybe I could change things
Maybe I could make you feel loved again
I know you want to come back
I tell myself you miss me too, but I know it isn't true
Sometimes I wonder if I could ever forget you on accident....


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Published: Feb 2013
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2 Stories on "Forgotten"
  1. Rachel Ilana, Rochester Submitted on Thursday, November 28, 2013

    I'm 14, and I think that I'm more depressed than I should be too. Feeling forgotten is one of the worst feelings, to me. It's worse than anger, worse than jealousy, fear... worse than anything, because, to me, feeling forgotten or alone is all of them combined. And its the feeling that I feel the most. I may not have a love life yet, but I know how it feels to be forgotten.

  2. Cassie, USA Submitted on Wednesday, December 04, 2013

    Hi I'm Cassie. I'm 17 and I am way more depressed than I should be. My best friend has attempted suicide a total of 5 times and I know that it shouldn't tear me up so much on the inside. But she is all I can think about. Was there something I did wrong? My father is an alcoholic, I can't talk to him about anything... I mean literally ANYTHING. My friends at school have a tendency to ditch me. I go through long periods of time when I have no friends. I suffer from an incurable syndrome and all of my doctors are stupid. I have no support. I feel lonely and left out, like I'm my own little island. On my island is myself and my cat and we can't help but want to have more people/ cats on our little island.

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