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My poem states that how parents want their child to follow the ambition what the parents want. Probably they don't like the aim of the child because they think it doesn't have scope. They don't get that dreams have no class. They want that just like the other people their child should pursue the same. According to me and my message for the youth is just FOLLOW YOUR HEART!

Follow Your Heart

© Diksha Lohiya
I've my own dreams,
and my own desires.
Something for which I'm keen,
want to set the world on fire.

But you are the one who is stopping me,
for who I really want to be.
What you said ain't my will
and I know I don't have such skills.

You tell me to have an aim,
I have it, still you blame.
Don't expect me to be the same,
you're just bothered about your fame.

I can't keep walking on your shoes,
my dreams are something I don't want to lose.
I just want to follow my heart,
but you're letting the dreams apart.

I don't want to follow the crowd,
have a dream, heart is too loud.
I know my dream has a good scope,
I'll surely succeed, I still have hope.

At last, don't let your dreams apart,
whatever happens just follow your heart!


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Published: Jun 2013
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1 Stories on "Follow Your Heart"
  1. Sheenam Khan, Rajasthan India Submitted on Thursday, June 05, 2014

    I'm a very talented, intelligent, confident and dreaming girl who has lots of dreams in her mind and heart , but I don't want to do what the whole bunch of crowd is doing , I want to do something which someone has never done but my dreams are rootless I can't make my dreams come true not because I don't have that daring to make my dream come true. It's just that my parents and family will never allow me to do so, even I can't speak up my dreams in front of anybody because it's a mean and fake world where no one bloody cares about you because they can't see you on heights. I can't express the misery and pain of my life, even nowadays parents are more cautious about the damn society instead of their kids, they give importance about what society talks about you, kids dreams are worthless for them they are even more scared about kids doing something different from a simple normal life. This is the biggest reason why countries like India is still developing where people give damn importance to bloody rumors, but it's not the time where we should sit and let everyone spoil your life, be daring, be ambitious, be confident and never let others ruin your life , I'm still trying without a single support but I will never give up and my Allah is with me ......

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