Feelings Poem

I wrote this poem to my boyfriend because it is hard for me to tell him how I feel about him. So, I wrote it in a poem. Love you always boo.

Feelings About Him

© Camille Bell
Peace and love,
his kiss is soft as a dove.
He makes me smile all the time
and he is just so dand fine.
I am the flower and he is the bee,
when we come together we become equally.
I realized it all along is our love really this strong?
And every time i see his face,
my heart begins to race.
I never thought of him this way,
but now I think about him all day.
I wrote this poem to show this boy,
that he feels me with so much joy.
I wrote this poem to my boo,
I hope we stick together like glue.


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Published: Aug 2008
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1 Stories on "Feelings About Him"
  1. Carolina Submitted on Monday, March 12, 2012

    I had a friend that was in love with her best friend and I would ignore that! Then when I moved out to El Monte my friend told me to talk to him and ask if he likes her more than a friend and he would always answer with a NO! I would feel sorry for my friend and tell He still doesn't now, that he still needs to think about it. So I would always lie to her and say that so I wouldn't break her heart (so to keep her safe) that's what friends do. Well after I moved out and stared a new life but still had her in my mind then the best friend would text me I would be shock like hey you talk to my friend not me! So then he would be like no I want to talk to you and I'm very sweet I would never disrespect a person so I let him talk to me and he wanted to get to know me better and so he did and we got together but we keep it between me and him. For about four months and I couldn't take it no more so I told him I need to tell my friend I'm sorry so he would say no that's bad you're going to break her heart. I was like I know but it's best if I do. It hasn't been too long. So I told her and I lost her as a friend.

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