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Doing The Right Thing

Hey my name is Danyal Conner. I am 17 and love to write. This poem is about living your own life and following your heart. Doing the "right" thing is not the path to joy.

Missing Piece

© Danyal Conner
You do what you're suppose to do,
with no frown or fuss.
Not because you want to,
but because you must.
Day after day
It's like a routine.
Don't have too much to say,
You only do the right thing.
Soon you feel empty,
but you don't know what it could be.
You want no sympathy.
But it's something you can't see
Everything used to make sense,
but now you're lost in a maze.
You feel so tense,
and you pray for better days.
Something just doesn't seem right
You look for an answer that's not there.
You stay awake all night,
But you feel like no one cares.
It's right in your face
and you think it's safe,
or should you forget?
Things don't seem the same,
But what should you do?
You think you should change,
But change for who?
Understanding means nothing to you now.
Your heart is pronounced deceased
This should you allow,
or find your missing piece?


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Published: Oct 2007
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1 Stories on "Missing Piece"
  1. Lucy, New Hampshire Submitted on Monday, February 28, 2011

    I am 15 and this is what I do every day. I go about my day with the same routine and nothing ever changes. I do what in my mind is best but my life feels empty.

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