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This poem was something I made up for a school assignment about myself. I'm 15 years old and learning more about poetry, so I hope you like it. thank you

Did You Know

© Breonna
A young girl born and put in this place
With a warm and distinctive look on her face
As she got older she was not like the rest
She was kind of different and her mother knew best
Though her eyes may despise you for who she is
Her heart shines like the sun
And she knows that on this earth there is more that could be done
Her achievements and ambition make the stars dance
But if some people would listen and give her a chance
To what she has to say, as she's being critiqued
You just might find out that she's simply unique
Did you know she's the person you pass on the street
Get to know her
She just may be the greatest person you ever did meet


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Published: Oct 2008
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2 Stories on "Did You Know"
  1. laurasue Submitted on Monday, August 24, 2009

    This is a wonderful poem. Thank you for sharing it. I am an author. I would like to say that I see me in this poem when I was your age. Keep up the good work. And expand on your talents and one day your writing will take you far.

  2. Larry Powers Submitted on Monday, August 24, 2009

    This is a wonderfully worded poem showing the heart and dreams of a teenaged girl. We should all heed the words of this poem and take time to notice and listen to one another, for we are all unique. I like the message of this poem, written with honesty.

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