Mental Illness Poem

Depression, I Feel Like I Can't Take It Anymore.


© Hayley
Just like a ghost
I drift through the days
Trying for reason
Thinking of ways.

Nothing changes
No matter how many pills I take
Give me numbness
And happiness I will fake

You don't pay attention
You don't even look
You don't glance
I'm an open book.

If you listened
You'd see who I really am
You'd know my pain
But turned away you stand

Eating disorders
And cutting deep
Everything is over
Nothing to keep

So when I die
You can have the guilt
Pay the price
Of the coffin you built

I'm done with tears
And everything more
This is the end
Of an open door.


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Published: Jan 2012
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2 Stories on "Depression"
  1. Rikki Submitted on Tuesday, February 07, 2012

    I know what it's like to take medicine but nothing changes because the medicine cant change people around you and your situation, I don't even know what it's for. Same with eating disorders and cutting.

  2. Jess, England Submitted on Sunday, June 17, 2012

    I was diagnosed with depression over a year ago and have been self harming for just under two years. I'm 13 years old and have previously been addicted to alcohol and weed. I'm still trying to stop smoking tobacco and trying to stop cutting. In my life so far I've been sexually, physically and emotionally abused by people I loved. I recently got beaten up while I was alone, going to meet a friend. My friend left me there to get hurt. I'm on medication and have been for about 2 months and it is working in some ways but not in others. I still get really angry and upset and anxious and I still want to die, I still hate myself and feel so bad about nothing. I've attempted suicide several times, some leaving physical scars, some only emotional. Point is, life's hard and especially with a mental illness but you will get through it eventually. I'm getting there, slowly.

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