Death Poem

Death of Cousin Poem

Loss, for me is the hardest thing to deal with. Worse than any physical or emotional pain, because eventually you can heal. Loss is something you can never get back. Last summer I lost my 12 year old cousin in a horrible car accident. Since then I have never felt the same.

I Will Never Stop Missing You

© Tiani Johnson
As the days go on,
I continue to cry.
Everything reminds me of you,
as I look upon the sky.

As if I would see you,
from way up there.
Wishing you would say something
as I quietly stare.

I do this a lot,
almost every day.
I look up hoping to see,
the face that has slipped away.

Today is your birthday,
would have been thirteen.
no one saw it coming,
death is unseen

I wonder what you would have wanted,
As we blew out your candles.
As soon as the flames went out,
It was too much to handle.

You're not here,
on your thirteenth birthday,
Each year I grow older
but your age will always stay.

As the days go on,
I continue to cry for you.
I will never stop crying,
I will never stop missing you.


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Published: Aug 2011
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