Goodbye Poem by Teens

This poem is based on my best friend and I going to different schools and also I will be moving to New Zealand in a couple of weeks and it's going to be hard saying goodbye to each other 'cause we have been through so much with each other.

Best Friend 4ever!

© Romabeth
You are my friend,
now and then,
In the dark days,
which felt like nights.
Your friendship was the light,
by my side,
You cried with me,
and dried my tears.

You never bore,
me with words,
You never bare,
to laugh at my mistakes.
I was silly to sit by the side,
when you were mad and never say, "sorry".

Just like a puppy you could forgive me,
You are my friend, my twin,my other half.
BANG! We were separated.
But the future beckons us to meet again,
So goodbye friend, but not forever.


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Published: May 2011
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