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Hi my name is Katie and I am 15 years old. Like all people I have a story. I can relate to this poem. I hope others can too, and it is an inspiration to them!


© Katie
There is a boy who lives on the streets, always alone and never enough to eat. When he walks down the road, he makes sure his confidence shows. But when he's under the bridge and all alone, tears fall down his cheeks and he feels scared and weak. But he won't let that bring him down.

There is a girl who looks like she's got it all, but the truth is people have just never seen her fall. Always trying to please everyone, never thinking of herself, and then disappointment comes and wipes the smile off her face. But she wont let that bring her down.

There is a woman who is being physically abused. Days later when the pain sets in, you can see a purple bruise. On the outside she's laughing, but on the inside she's screaming for help. She tries to act as if its fine, give him more time, he'll see the light, but here's the night, and it never ends. But she won't let that bring her down.

United they stand, hand in hand, with all their heartaches and insecurities. They've cried so many tears, hand so many fears, but now its time to just, believe.


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Published: Jan 2009
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2 Stories on "Believe"
  1. Savatia Submitted on Sunday, March 29, 2009

    Everybody has a story, me all I am is lonely. I never show people how I really feel no matter how hurt I am. I know a boy like the one in your poem but to hold your head high and not show how hurt you really are takes a lot of dignity, to cry alone means you have a lot of compassion for yourself and others. remember how broken you are GOD is listening.

  2. Anonymous Submitted on Tuesday, May 31, 2011

    I love this poem because it really describes how I feel.... I always try to make sure to please everyone else and never show people how I really feel.. I write poetry and I hope you continue to write because you have an amazing talent.

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