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Sweet Poem About Boyfriend

This is about my boyfriend...I love him

You And Me

© Sam
Why is it that I feel sad without you?
Why is it that I feel lonely without your touch?
Can you tell me?...Can anyone?

I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you.
I never thought I'd find that special someone, until you came into my life.

I remember laying in my bed praying to god asking him to guide me to someone true, I guess that's why he gave me you.
Someone to love me, hold me, care for me.
Someone who understands.

You're my dream come true...I love you.


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Published: Feb 2011
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3 Stories on "You And Me"
  1. Taylor,Gladstone Submitted on Tuesday, October 04, 2011

    When He looks at me with those beautiful eyes I just start to cry
    I miss him more everyday.. I just wish he would stay

  2. Terri Marie, West Liberty KY Submitted on Thursday, April 03, 2014

    When we use to talk on Facebook I was worried that you would not like me and all and when you came over to my house my world has not been the same since you came into my world.

  3. Faiza, Bangladesh Submitted on Monday, June 23, 2014

    Me and my love first met at our coaching. When I first saw him I thought that I know from years. But, actually I didn't. Then slowly we fall in love.
    His innocent eyes touch my heart always. When he talks with me I just listen his voice. His voice is too attractive to me. Why I love him a lot??? Whenever I see him my heart start beating fast. Every moment I just think about him. In everywhere in my room I wrote his name. Even I draw a tattoo in my heart of his name. Oh!! I'm starting dreaming my future.. When will be it become true and happen happily ever after!!!

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