Bullying Poem

This is an acrostic poem spelling out the word "BULLYING". I am 12 years old and the fact that I used to be bullied is really a sign that I have great empathy for those who still constantly deal with such the struggle keeping your head high and telling yourself ''it's just words'' or ''I'll get over it''. Bullying takes an enormous toll on you when you are facing it constantly. "A Cry For Help" is truly from the heart and everyone should know.

A Cry For Help

© Samar Alkhudairi
B-Brutal beatings beyond the feeling of pain
U-Understanding this hurt might get me closer to being sane
L-Love is a myth
L-Life has become like a work of Stephen King
Y-You don't know what it's like
I-I am treated like just some "thing"
N-Never to be kissed, comforted, or loved
G-Going the rest of my life never to be hugged


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Published: Mar 2011
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1 Stories on "A Cry For Help"
  1. Emerald, Indiana USA Submitted on Thursday, May 05, 2011

    That was brilliant I love that you put in the Stephen King thing. The last line really brings a tear to your eye.

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