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13 Poems

True friends are amazing people to have in your life. When your teachers don't understand and your parents can't relate, true friends listen patiently and don't judge you, even if they haven't been in your situation. When times are bad, they might lend you a shoulder to cry on or just cry with you..........

49 Poems

When a child is a victim of abuse by a member of their family, their world has changed forever. They may have loved their abuser and the abuser has turned the relationship into something sadistic and cruel. The victim of abuse is likely to feel very confused..........

Boyfriend Girlfriend
17 Poems

For most teenagers, an intimate relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the rites of passage. Unfortunately most teens do not yet have the skill and experience to make love last and much pain and heartache ensues. However, as they say, practice make perfect, and eventually most people build healthy and loving relationships....

20 Poems

Mom's are the most important individuals in our lives. We begin our lives completely dependent on them for our every need. Many believe that we search for aspects of the mother child relationship throughout our entire lives. Love it or hate it, she was your first love and will never be gone from your heart. You will always be in her heart also..........

30 Poems

Emo Poems has over the past few years become one of our most popular categories of poems. Teens who consider themselves Emo's or are labeled as Emo by their peers often turn to poems to express their painful feelings of alienation. The path to healing and peace always includes both recognition of the self and acceptance of the self..........

22 Poems

Sad occasions can bring families and friends together. Sad times, such as death, sickness and loss in a family or friendship, or a family member or friend who is going through a particularly trying time, call for family and friends to come together and support one another..........

Featured Categories
Im Sorry
7 Poems

No human being is perfect. We all make mistakes, yet it is so hard to admit that we are wrong. A famous line from the book Love Story by Eric Segal states that "Love means never having to say you're sorry". This may sound romantic but it is a really bad line to live by.......

Best Friend
8 Poems

Scientists have discovered that there is one thing above all else that determines the lasting power of a friendship. Many people guess that it is the ability to communicate that determines the quality of a friendship.......

32 Poems

When a person is feeling hurt, it is important that they share their feelings with their friends. One of the best ways to process feelings is to share them with friends.......

14 Poems

Respect for fathers and mothers is a common tenant of most cultures. With the advent of modern psychology, we now question this idea.......

10 Poems

What does it mean to have a body growing inside of you? What does it feel like? Is it bad to have an abortion? Everyone has their own opinion on the moral implications of having an abortion.......

51 Poems

Depression has become an epidemic amongst the teen population. Some of its prevalence can be blamed on hormonal changes as a teenager matures.......

Featured Poems
  • Emo Poems
    11/9/2008 Rating: 4.66 Votes: 2214

    I wrote this poem because I feel like no one knows my pain. I write poetry to get away from my life ..........

  • Best Friend Poems
    6/18/2008 Rating: 4.31 Votes: 476

    The meaning of this poem is that when someone stumbles through life not knowing where to go, ..........

  • Depression Poems
    11/5/2008 Rating: 4.6 Votes: 1335

    I wrote this poem because it is exactly what I feel.

  • Break Up Poems
    4/2/2009 Rating: 4.36 Votes: 704

    I wrote this poem when I was going through a hard time dealing with a break-up. I was watching TV, ..........

  • Abuse Poems
    1/1/2009 Rating: 4.7 Votes: 1712

    This is a poem about how I was sold for money by my own mom. I'm ten years old and finally ran away ..........

  • Love Poems
    10/19/2008 Rating: 4.65 Votes: 1313

    I wrote this poem my freshman year of highschool when I found out I would be moving that summer. ..........

  • Mom Poems
    8/20/2009 Rating: 3.99 Votes: 780

    Mum, it's hard to find the words to say, How much you mean to me, But if it wasn't for your love ..........

  • Dad Poems
    2/15/2006 Rating: 4.59 Votes: 433

    Do you know what it's like to grow up without a father. Perhaps you would understand this little ..........

  • Friendship Poems
    8/26/2008 Rating: 4.27 Votes: 452

    I wrote this for one of my best friends so she knows how much she means to me. (:

  • Falling in Love Poems
    11/23/2009 Rating: 4.15 Votes: 521

    I wrote this poem thinking about my 9 month anniversary coming up with my boyfriend. He means the ..........

  • Teen Pregnancy Poems
    2/15/2006 Rating: 4.38 Votes: 440

    A teenage girl, writes about the trauma of being pregnant while still in school. The entire ..........

  • Death of Friend Poems
    2/12/2009 Rating: 4.22 Votes: 85

    this poem is about the loss of my best friend who died unexpectedly shortly after her 18th birthday